Building a Humane Tomorrow

The Glenn and Shirley Hulcher Family Animal Care Center – the Future of Animal Welfare in North Texas


Creating a Humane Tomorrow for animals and people requires a collective effort, bringing together all members of our community to put the ideas of respect, responsibility, and compassion into action.

In the past decade, new shelters have been built in communities all over north Texas, yet adoptable animals are still being euthanized in massive numbers. Now, thanks to a generous donation from Glenn and Shirley Hulcher, the next generation of animal welfare is about to begin in Argyle, Texas.

The solution to the problems animals face in Texas is not more shelters...the solution is more innovative programs, like Humane Tomorrow’s Love on Wheels program, which has sent over 3000 dogs out of Texas; Flower’s Fund, which helps pet owners keep their pets when faced with unexpected expenses; and our Education program, which takes our message of respect, responsibility, and compassion into schools and the community to fight the root causes of animal cruelty and neglect.

Phase 1, the Glenn and Shirley Hulcher Family Animal Care Center, will move our direct animal care to the property and become the new headquarters of Humane Tomorrow. Having a home of our own will allow us to expand our programs and do more to prevent animals from becoming homeless in the first place.

Beginning in September 2019, the Hulcher Family Care Center will allow us to host activities that make life better for animals and people, such as:

  • Adoption events
  • Emergency sheltering
  • Community education and outreach
  • Dog training classes
  • Spay/neuter clinics
  • Youth activities

Even as we prepare for move-in day, we are looking toward the future and Phase 2, when our facility will be open to the public every day, functioning as an adoption center, a gathering place for those who love animals, and a resource for those who need help with their pets.

As a member of the animal-loving community, we need your help! Ask how you can be a part of the barn raising at almost any level. Email us at, or call 972-691-7387, option 8.